BMX trains and races in line with the school terms, year round and our club races every Friday night starting at  7.15pm. Riders must register prior to the start of racing.

The Club races 4 heats on each Friday night racing which is broken into 2 heats a short break and then the remaining 2 heats. Riders race in age class according to year of birth.


Practice is encouraged before racing starts with the track generally opens at approximately 6.15pm for practise and this is done by age groups as per below:

6.15pm to 6.30pm -Sprockets up to 7 years old ( Year of birth )

6.30pm to 6.45pm - 8 to 12 years old ( Year of Birth )

6.45pm to 7.00pm - 13 + Years ( Year of Birth )

Due to the nature of the weather over summer in North Queensland, it is advisable to check Townsville BMX clubs facebook page if it has been raining.

The condition of the track will be inspected each day by 5.30pm when it has been raining and a decision is made if training or racing for that night will be cancelled.

Please be aware that this is sometimes a difficult decision to make, the committee do their best to predict how the weather will effect the track that night.


Registration at the office 5.45pm - 6.45pm
Racing starts at 7.15pm

2019 Friday Night Nomination fees are set as follows;

Riders per family             Fee
       1                               $7.00
       2                               $14.00
       3                               $18.00
       4                               $22.00
       5                               $26.00
       6                               $30.00
       7                               $34.00
2nd class per rider         $4.00
Mini wheeler                  $3.00

As all racing events are computerised through BEM software ALL riders must present their valid BMXA licence or validated Green Slip to the registrar each week. This is to ensure the validity of the riders licence, insurance and club membership (Refer ARA Rule Book Section 14A).

Your current BMXA Licence / green slip are to be presented at the office when nominating a rider for a Friday night race meet.

All BMXA Licences must be complete on line at www.bmxa.com.au under memberships.

  • No Child under 13 years old can nominate

  • Nominations close at 6.45pm unless prior arrangements with Registrar

  • Licence or Green slip must be presented

It would be appreciated if all paperwork be handed in after racing has commenced.

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