The kids' sport that's great for the whole family. They'll drive cars later won't they? A wonderful introduction to the world of wheels we live in, BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross) teachers balance, co-ordination and dexterity. Raced in a healthily competitive spirit, a BMX 'moto' (race) teaches riders some of the common sense road skills that will last them all their lives.

Every child wants a BMX. An invention of recent years, the BMX bike is different from all other bikes. For a start, it's 'kid' height. Anyone who has ever seen a mum or dad trying one out will tell you: adults are better spectators! But kids can do amazing things with them. Can't they?

Sturdily made, BMX bikes just seem to be designed for them. With a very low centre of balance, they are easily controllable and manoeuvrable. And they're safe (there's just not far to fall!)

They're also simple: with a strong frame, a couple of strong wheels, big knobbly tyres (to start with), pedals, a seat, and handlebars. And they're easily personalised. Ask any child. BMX racing is for boys and girls.

These days, children from four years and upwards can enjoy BMX in organised race meetings. Boys and girls compete together in the one race meeting, which enables families the wonderful opportunity of brothers and sisters racing and practising together.

The Townsville BMX Club is one of the largest clubs in Australia. Our rider numbers include several World, National, State and Far North Queensland champions.

The club personnel consist of fully accredited coaching and track officials. In 1992, we successfully held the State Titles and again in 2006.

What about safety?
All sports have a safety element. And in BMX, spills occur, however, injuries are kept to a minimum by the insistence that riders always wear a BMX helmet, gloves, long sleeves, long trousers and sneakers whilst on any BMX track. The helmet is the most important, and care should be taken in the purchase of it.

A good bike shop will know what is needed. Townsville BMX Club are happy to advise and help wherever necessary. For safety reasons, bikes are always inspected for: *Brakes in working order. *Tread on tyres. *No loose bearings or nuts. *No reflectors or stands permitted. *Good handle grips. *General tightness.

State Membership a formality. Like all international sports, there is an administration body. Our State Association controls the sport and all its aspects, maintains limited insurance and provides a forum for planning and debate.

Membership via fees is obligatory. Race licences come in two forms: a restricted licence which is for club racing only and an open licence which permits the rider to ride on other BMX tracks right up to State, Australian and World level. BMX is a great family sport which can take you to new places. You'll make new friends.

A 'quiet' sport, yet it's on wheels. BMX is an activity on pedal powered bicycles which race over a track about 350 metres in length. It is not noisy like mini-bikes, yet it has all the excitement and spectacle of a motorcycle motor cross. What's it cost? Bikes can cost what you want them to.

And you can start off on an ordinary 'street' model BMX. Competition models are of course more expensive but there is always second hand bikes for sale.

Clothes? You'll find for a start that your child has what is needed in his/her cupboard. Windcheater, cheap cotton gloves are fine, jeans Sneakers. And you will need a helmet. If you haven't got one of those for the first couple of times, Townsville BMX Club will lend you one. Try it.

The canteen's always open..... Come along to a meeting, Townsville BMX Club always have a canteen operating and we're very friendly

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